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Man says post-Rapture pet care service was a hoax

Sears plans to close 43 Hometown stores, 10 Hardware stores and 9 Great Indoors stores.


Post-Rapture pet care hoax

A man who said he had a business that would care for pets when their owners abandoned them in the Rapture or Second Coming at the end of the world has admitted that the service never existed.

Bart Centre, a retired retail executive in New Hampshire, described the service, called Eternal Earth-Bound Pets, in a story published by Bloomberg News in February 2010. Other media also published reports on the service.

Centre said this week he was preparing to reveal the truth in a planned, as yet unpublished blog post.

"The entire thing was a hoax," Centre said in a telephone interview Friday. "What we call on the Internet a poe, a spoof, a parody, a complete fiction. It was all a fiction from the very start. I never had any intent to accept contracts for our service or payment for our service and I never did."

Referring to his website, where the service was offered for $ 110 at one time, Centre said, "'I was so concerned that people would actually pay me for the service that I eventually disabled the payment button."


Sears plans to close 62 stores

Sears Holdings, the department-store chain controlled by hedge fund executive Edward Lampert, plans to close 62 retail stores in the first half of this year to reduce expenses.

The closings include 43 Sears Hometown stores, 10 Sears Hardware stores and 9 Great Indoors stores, the company said in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on March 14. The company, which also owns the Kmart chain, had 4,010 stores as of Jan. 28.

Lampert, who is Sears' chairman and controls about 60 percent of its shares, is spinning off units to generate cash, and closing stores after the company posted its largest quarterly loss in at least nine years. Sears said last month it planned to raise as much as $ 770 million by selling 11 store sites and separating some smaller-format businesses.

Chris Brathwaite, a Sears spokesman, declined to provide a list of the 62 stores to be closed or specify when the stores will shut down. Brathwaite said in an e-mail that he didn't know how many jobs may be affected because most of the closing stores are independently owned and operated.

The retailer last year announced a plan to close 120 Kmart and Sears full-line stores that would generate as much as $ 170 million in cash from sales of inventory and leasing or sales of the locations.


AT&T gives up in iPhone case

AT&T on Friday gave up on appealing an $ 850 award won by an iPhone user in small claims court, and sent him a check.

Simi Valley resident Matt Spaccarelli had sued the phone company because it was slowing down the data service on his phone. Spaccarelli has an "unlimited data" plan, but as of this fall, AT&T had begun slowing download speeds for these subscribers if they use more than a certain amount of data in a month.

Spaccarelli argued that "unlimited is unlimited," and the judge agreed at a hearing Feb. 24.

AT&T initially said it would appeal the decision. It then offered to go into settlement talks with him, in a letter that implied that AT&T was looking at canceling his service completely. Spaccarelli has admitted to "tethering" his phone to other devices, providing them Internet access through AT&T's wireless network. That's against AT&T's rules.

This article appeared on page D - 3 of the San Francisco Chronicle

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Conrad Murray Preliminary Hearing - Michael Jackson is Alive - Death Hoax

Michael Jackson death hoax Conrad Murray Preliminary Hearing - Justice - Michael Jackson is Alive - Death Hoax Robert Earl Carter This video is about Conrad Murray's preliminary hearing for the alleged murder of Michael Jackson. The speakers in the video came from the following channels: Carl Douglas and Geraldine Hughes (author of "Redemption") were from TheJacksonTruth. Clips from PearlJr (author of "Pseudocide Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death To Save His Life") and Alphaba2 were also included. Both Pearl Jr. and Geraldine Hughes covered MJ's trial in 2005. Geraldine Hughes and Pearl Jr have both written books, blogs/articles about Michael Jackson. They are really good. If you haven't read their work, you should check it out. The song at the end is by Spankox. Youtube channel: Agostinocarollo "Michael Jackson is not Dead"available on itunes. Special Thanks to: TuneIntoBliss, heidelberg2000, MiriSeli and all the other people who shared their thoughts and feelings about the hearing with me.Please comment and if you would like to watch my future videos, please subscribe. I love you all! Be God's glow and a force for light like Michael! If you have time, please watch my earlier videos about this subject. Most of my current and future videos will build on topics we covered in the past. You can click on my playlist for Thriller 2 if you want to watch them in order. Need evidence from right after Michael faked his death, go to PianoGames and CodeofThriller. I do not own the ...

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