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Peoples Gas warns customers of identity theft risk - Abc Local Web

Peoples Gas says some customers could be at risk for identity theft. The utility sent a letter to those customers warning them about a security breach.

Peoples Gas says an employee of one of its vendors may have obtained and used the personal information of customers.

Customers who received the notice from Peoples Gas may need to take some steps on their own to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft.

Peoples Gas issued a statement saying a contracted employee was fired and may face criminal prosecution as a result of the breach. In the meantime, law enforcement and consumer advocates urge caution to everyone, especially this time of year when there tends to be an increase in complaints of identity theft.

According to the letter, a vendor's employee may have applied for credit cards using customers information. Peoples Gas will not say how many customers' information may have been compromised.

"Whenever there's a big data breach I think there's a message for both government and businesses that we need to do more and be careful and really exam what we keep, why we keep it, how long we keep it and why we need it at all," said the Federal Trade Commission's Steve Baker.

Baker says those whose information may have been compromised can become victims of identity theft -- when someone uses your personal information using in a scam to get money, open accounts or buy merchandise.

"Identity theft is out No. 1 source of all the complaints we get at the Federal Trade Commission," said Baker. "After climbing steeply for years, it may have leveled off, but it's still a massive problem."

Identity theft is also among the leading complaints to the Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois.

To detect identity theft, the BBB recommends getting your credit report at to look for anything new that you don't recognize. Look at those monthly credit and debit card statements to make sure there is nothing unauthorized. Dispute errors with the credit bureaus as soon as possible.

"The longer you wait that you been a victim of identity theft, the harder it is to correct it," said Better Business Bureau's Steve Bernas. "Some people don't realize for years that their credit has been compromises, then try and clean it up, and it can take up to five, six, up to seven years."

Peoples Gas recommends those customers who were contacted to sign up for credit monitoring and put fraud alert on your credit report so no one other that you can open a new account.

The company declined would not provide details about when the information may have been compromised.

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Bomb hoax impact widespread, police say

Queensland police says there are serious consequences for wasting the time of emergency services, after six Gympie police officers spent more than three hours responding to a bomb threat.

The threat in the south-east Queensland town's CBD yesterday later turned out to be a hoax.

Gympie Senior Sergeant Graham Reeves says hoaxes affect everyone.

"This time of year police have a number of other areas we should be concentrating on other than wasting time on," he said.

"Threats or hoaxes we do have to tread seriously on every occasion and it's fully treated to be a real event until proven otherwise.

"It ties up a lot of emergency services time and it takes a period of time to declare a scene safe.

"It's not only the police, it's emergency services such as the Queensland Fire And Rescue Service, the Queensland Ambulance Service are put on stand-by, and hospitals are usually put on stand-by, so it's affecting a number of services."
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Dark Mission 1 - NASA Moon Fake - Analysis of the Lunar Photography

Part 1: Analysis of the Lunar Photography - This compelling video throws into serious doubt the authenticity of the Apollo missions and features information that challenges the declared abilities of NASA to successfully send a man to the Moon and return him safely to Earth. New evidence clearly suggests that NASA hoaxed pictures allegedly taken on the lunar surface. These findings are supported by analysis and the testimony of experts from a wide variety of scientific disciplines. Note: This was the hardest film for us to post here at UFOTV, as most of us were born around the Apollo era and many of us hold NASA's achievement of landing a Man on the Moon and bringing him safely back, as sacred. But in the interest of remaining neutral and posting all information on controversies in science, regardless of our personal beliefs and those of the management at UFOTV, we bring you what critics have chosen as the greatest filmed investigation on this matter to date. As powerful as the evidence presented in this film and its sister film may seem, we highly recommend that you view our film called "Quantum Hologram & ESP - Astronaut Edgar Mitchell," that sheds light on Edgar Mitchell's experience as the 6th man to walk upon the Moon and his experience aboard Apollo 14 at that time. His experience during this mission as described on this presentation must not be overlooked. What Happened On the Moon? - An Investigation Into Apollo - NOW ON DVD - Full Version 222 mins. on 2-DVDs, Cat ...

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Google Removes 22 SMS Fraud Apps From Android Market

Google Appstore is full of scams ?

Google has removed 22 free games and apps which send fraudulent – and expensive – SMS messages

Google has had to remove from the Android Market 22 so-called RuFraud malware applications which send automated messages to premium rate lines.

The apps are the latest pieces of malicious software to be uploaded to the Android Market and come at a time when security experts are warning that malware developers are increasingly turning their attention to Google’s mobile operating system.

Don’t download Twilight

According to mobile security firm Lookout, a batch of apps was uploaded to the market last week, disguised as horoscope apps which had hidden terms of service agreements indicating charges.

The apps presented users with a single option to continue, which was seen as an acceptance of the premium charge. Lookout has called the apps “RuFraud” for “Russian Fraud” because they are often found on Russian download sites.

Lookout said that there had been numerous instances of premium SMS toll fraud apps in the last few months which affected users in a number of European countries, including the UK, but not North America, as the SMS code is generated by the users SIM card.

The firm notified Google of nine identical apps which posed as wallpaper apps for movies such as Twilight and popular games Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. These were downloaded by just a handful of users and the threat was supposedly minimal.

However 13 more apps, published under the name Logastrod, found their way onto the Market, again masquerading as games. These trojanised copies of free games added code to send SMS messages to premium rate numbers.

Google responded swiftly but was not fast enough to stop over 10,000 users downloading the malicious software.

Security Fears

“We have already stated several times that the requirements for becoming an Android developer that can publish apps to the Android market are far too relaxed. The cost of becoming a developer and being banned by Google is much lower than the money that can be earned by publishing malicious apps,” commented Vanja Svajcer, principal virus researcher at Sophos. “The attacks on Android Market will continue as long as the developer requirements stay too relaxed.”

Over 10 billion apps have been downloaded from the Android market, which boasts a catalogue over 200,000 applications, however the security of the store has been a concern for many, with infected apps often being uploaded.

In March, Google removed over 50 malicious apps, making use of the remote kill feature which removes apps from infected devices, while in June it had to remove another 10 spyware applications.

Australia the rip-off country


Cinema ticket, cars, fruit and veges and property prices in Australia are among the world's dearest. Source: Herald Sun

FORGET the lucky country - Australia has been branded the land of the great big rip-off.

It is absurd that staples such as fruits and vegetables are several times more expensive than in Europe; DVDs and books can be bought far cheaper offshore; the same cars cost twice as much compared with overseas, and; housing is less affordable than some of the world's biggest cities, says a Centre for Independent Studies report.

Is Australia too expensive? Tell us below

The pro-business think-tank wants property stamp duty axed or slashed and first home buyer grants and negative gearing scrapped to reduce the cost divide, claiming the policies have added to the housing affordability crisis.

And it says import restrictions should be dropped for bananas, cars and books.

The paper labels the nation one of the priciest on the planet, blaming successive governments for key essentials now being steeper than in London, New York and Singapore.

"That Australia is now one of the most expensive addresses on the planet was by no means unavoidable ... what we got instead is a country in which both products and land are much more expensive than in most other countries."

But a federal government spokesman said tariffs had been progressively reduced over three decades to promote free trade and lower consumer goods prices, and that a strong biosecurity and quarantine system was needed for imported-food risks.

Personal tax cuts, higher pensions and other policies had eased cost pressures.

The Victorian Government reduced stamp duty for first home buyers by 20 per cent in July. The cuts will steadily increase over the next three years.

The CIS researchers examined price data for bananas, books, cars, real estate and some retail goods.

They found houses that once cost three times the median household income were now up to nine times that in some capital cities.

Retail rip-offs driven by high rents, outlandish CBD carparking rates and restrictive planning and zoning regulations pushed shoppers to foreign websites, they said.

Outdated copyright laws meant local stores regularly charged double or triple for books.

The report estimated car prices would fall by up to 50 per cent if import duties, the luxury car tax and bans on used vehicle imports were abolished.

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Fraud 101: Techniques and Strategies for Understanding Fraud

A straightforward guide explaining the nature of financial fraud

Fraud continues to be one of the fastest growing and most costly crimes in the United States and around the world. The more an organization can learn about fraud in general and the potential fraud risks that threaten the financial stability of the organization's cash flow, the better that organization will be equipped to design and implement measures to prevent schemes from occurring in the first place.

Fraud 101, Third Edition serves as an enlightening tool for you, whether you are a business owner or manager, an accountant, auditor or college student who needs to learn about the nature of fraud. In this invaluable guide, you will discover and better understand the inner workings of numerous financial schemes and internal controls to increase your awareness and possibly prevent fraud from destroying your organization's financial stability.

It offers guidance, understanding, and new, real-world case studies on the major types of fraud, including

  • An understanding of why fraud is committed
  • An overview of financial fraud schemes
  • White-collar crime
  • Uncovering employee embezzlements
  • Establishing internal fraud controls
  • The nature of collecting evidence

With case studies included throughout the book to gain insight to the real world of fraud, Fraud 101, Third Edition describes the features of fraud and then provides proven methods of prevention, as well as solutions to expose different types of fraud.

List Price: $ 54.95 Price: $ 25.72

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Coldplay in Manila Hoax : Person Behind the Fake Poster Revealed

A fake poster circulating in social networking sites titled "Coldplay Viva Manila: Lights Will Guide You Home" is a hoax according to entertainment news sites over the weekend.

A fake poster of Coldplay Concert in Manila

Promoter Dayly Entertainment denied the news and officially announced on it's Facebook page: "Announcement: We would like to inform everyone that the poster of Coldplay Live In Manila 2012 being spread around in social media sites is a HOAX! For everyone's information. Thanks."

On Sunday, December 11, Dayly Entertainment issued a statement on it's Twitter page, denying the rumors as a hoax and revealing the identity of the person behind the fake poster: "We would like to inform everyone that the poster of Coldplay Live In Manila being spread around in social media sites is a HOAX! PLS RT."

The promoter then uploaded a photo of the person named Roe Alfaro, who said the poster was intended for Computer Graphics class and not to damage the reputation of the company and to lure the public.

Alfaro said: "Okay. Guys, this is just a poster I made for my Computer Graphics class. It's not intended to spread any rumors or something. I know it's a bit disappointing for pushing up your hopes. I'm a fan of Coldplay too. I just want them here as much as you want them too. Anyway, I'm so sorry this kind of thing happened. "

Coldplay in Manila Concert, according to the poster, will be held on April 18, 2012 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. MTV, Smart Telecommunications, Ticketnet and Manila-based concert promoter Dayly Entertainment were also included as sponsors of the show.

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The Top 10 Greatest Hoaxes of All Time

We like to pretend like we're hard to fool...but we're not. The entire world has been fooled lots of times. All it takes is a good story and some clever staging. I don't think we should worry about it so much. Alien autopsies, moon people, mermaids, and more, we get fooled a lot.

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Tannhauser: Hoax

  • Featuring four figures (one pre-painted and three translucent)
  • Rules, tokens and a custom scenario for Hoax
Hoax had nowhere to run. She could hear the thundering boots of the guards as they charged toward the door that she was crouched against. Hoax checked her wrist control cursing as the red light blinked back at her. ?C?mon!? she hissed panicking. A powerful blow to the door threw her away from it her body landing on the stubborn device on her wrist. By the time the guards threw the door open the room was completely empty...and an invisible Hoax slipped away amidst the confusion. Hoax the latest single figure expansion for Tannhäuser is now on sale! Armed with a stealth suit forged from mysterious alien technology Caitlin ?Hoax? Lamsbury is a ghost on the battlefield fading from sight only to ambush her foes from the shadows. Her stealth suit Joshua T1 allows her confuse her enemies and infiltrate even the most secured locations. Pick up Hoax today from your local retailer or head over to our webstore before she disappears! Hoax comes complete with four miniatures - one is painted to reflect Hoax fading from sight while the other three are translucent used to track her movement on the board while she is invisible. When using Hoax?s camouflaging suit players can perplex their opponents by sending her translucent figures in opposite directions. Which one is the real Hoax? In addition to these miniatures Hoax also comes with a rulebook detailing the rules for invisibility tokens for her equipment (as well as bonus tokens) and a custom scenario which throws players into a deadly game of hide-and-seek!

List Price: $ 19.99 Price: $ 13.49

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